The bluebell fairy needs a home

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A wonderful little blue fairy, she reminds me of a bluebell.

She would love a new home as she is getting grumpy seeing all the other faires fly off to their new home.


A custom made hand-felted picture

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A custom made hand-felted picture. They pleased with the way this one has turned out. I haven’t done many with the red sky background and think it looks fantastic.

This is heading all the way to the U.S. along with 2 of my little fairies. 🙂

Last night i taught 16 Guides who to wet felt

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Last night i went along a taught 16 guides how to wet felt. All the girls seemed to have a great time.

They all came up with unique pieces.


Here is a picture after they had dried.


My daughters is the flower at the front.

Like mother like daughter

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Like mother like daughter, this is what Trinity my 9 years old made. There is a competiton at school, every child got a sheet with a christmas tree on it. It says colouring competion ! Each year i tell her she can’t stick anything on or add anything as it says colouring, last year i when in to school and saw displays of the differtent sheets, all had different things added. The winners often had things added. So this year, this is the christmas tree SHE has created. HA ! Don’t ment if she doesn’t win, I LOVE IT !


She says she will make another one if anyone would like to buy one. 🙂

A custom Felted picture

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This one has taken quite sometime to make , and a lot more wool than i would normally use. But it is finished at last.
Mummy , daddy and 3 girls.

The lastest felted picture

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  This it the picture which was to be recreated using wool roving !!!




This is what i came up with. I think it is wonderful. The children all stick out from the background. The tree is needle felted on to the felt and the blossom flowers also stick out a little fromt he background.

Facebook auction in full swing !

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Well there will be another little fairy hanging on someone elses christmas tree, 2 little gnome waiting for a new home and a felted flower. The auction finishes on Sunday at 4pm.

   The felted flower Ellisha (age 12) made.

A little blue gnome who would

love a new home !